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Women and Work

Women & Work looks at the real experiences of women juggling work and home life.

What lessons does the modern world of work have for policy makers?

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Housing Generation ipad

Housing Generation Ipad: When I’m 64, how will the ipad generation want to live?

This project looks at the opportunity presented to design homes and live differently for needs of the ipad generation, those in their 50s and 60s now who cherish independence, choice, technology and comfort. What could the future hold?

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Finding JJ

Finding JJ is a project about the life of JJ, a young boy growing up in social housing. It considers the application of information and public finances in improving opportunity and life changes for JJ and his friends.

This workstream is looking at opportunity. It is about unlocking opportunities and improving odds in favour of success and choice. Helping to identify the tools and choices to make changes, to improve lives.

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