hey everyone are you looking for PC FINANCIAL ACTIVATION? if yes then you are landed in the right place here you will get everything regarding PC FINANCIAL ACTIVATION. On September 14, 2020, President’s Choice Financial released the PC Money Account, a new no-fee personal banking service.

PC Money Accounts are issued directly by President’s Choice Bank, unlike its previous banking service, which was offered by CIBC. The PC Money account card can be used to earn PC Optimum points on ordinary transactions and can be used at any Mastercard-accepting merchant worldwide. The PC Money account, unlike traditional chequing accounts in Canada, does not use the Interac network for domestic debit transactions because the card is only compatible with MasterCard’s worldwide payment network.

How to Activate a President’s Choice (PC) Credit Card Work for You (pcfinancial.ca)

PC offers a variety of services and banking products, including the President’s Choice Financial MasterCard. President’s Choice, one of Canada’s most prestigious financial organizations, offers this and a variety of other credit cards to its users, many of which come with amazing bonuses and rewards programs.

You must activate your card before you may use it, regardless of which one you were accepted for. The methods for activating a PC credit card are outlined below:

Activate Your PC Credit Card Through the Internet

Log into your PC Financial online account to get started. You can complete the activation process on your computer or on your smartphone once you’ve checked in.

Have your new MasterCard handy; to complete the activation process, you’ll need to enter the card number and personal information.


NOTE: If you haven’t already signed up for PC Financial online banking, you’ll need to do so before you can complete the online activation process.

Activation of the President’s Choice Card by Phone

While using your banking account to activate your new credit card is the most convenient option, you may find yourself in a position where phone activation is required. In such circumstances, you can contact PC Financial’s customer care department directly at 1-866-246-7262. Calling this number from the phone linked with your account will help speed up the activation process.

Easy to Follow Activation Instructions

To activate your card using your PC Financial online banking account, click the link below. You will be able to create an account if you haven’t already done so before completing the process.

Log in to your account and go to the account administration menu to activate it.

Do you require additional assistance? Call 1-866-246-7262 to reach the President’s Choice Financial Customer Service Hotline.

New Credit Card Users’ Guide:

Sign the back of your card before using it to reduce the risk of identity theft.

Make sure you thoroughly read your cardholder agreement.

Make the most of your new credit card! Familiarize yourself with all of the card’s benefits and take advantage of them; occasionally perks like auto rental insurance or roadside assistance are buried in the cardholder agreement’s tiny print.

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