Key Mission Themes

Less homework in the hallway

Overcrowded homes are bad for public health, and bad for a child’s life chances. The odds for success are stacked against rather than stacked for the child to do well, making it harder to make the most of opportunities.Nearly half a million rented households suffer overcrowding.In some parts of London 25% of children live in overcrowded housing.

In many such overcrowded homes, homework is not completed on a purpose made desk, or even the dining room table. It is completed on knees in the hallway. Surrounded by the noise of the evening tea being made, of older and of younger children squabbling.Of the usual family sounds which, in an overcrowded and inappropriate setting, can make it all too hard to do well at school and to revise for exams.

Homework clubs are part of the solution. So are community libraries. But after a decade of too many squashed in flats being built there has simply not been enough family housing.

There is a decade of poor planning and poor housing allocation to overcome.

That’s why we say BUILD ME NOW.

Recycle Old Land
Warm homes, warm hearts

We can celebrate that more people are living longer and more active lives.

By 2033 one-third of households will be 65 years or older.

We should plan our housing to better reflect our ageing population.

Many older people are feeling the pinch with rising fuel costs.

So it matters to us that homes are warm and cosy.

Energy efficiency doesn’t just save the planet, it saves the pennies too.

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